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Funding Expert provides funding introduction services to UK business owners and access to a comprehensive marketplace for commercial finance products. Exploring the landscape of business finance can be challenging, given the wide array of options available to meet diverse needs and situations. We help business owners find and secure secure the right funding solutions for them, to plan, operate, and grow.

How Does it Work?

Navigating the path to funding is streamlined and accessible through a straightforward process.
  • Enter your details online to check eligibility
  • Receive a selection of tailored funding options
  • Apply and receive funding in a few days
  • UK-based support team
  • Short & long term finance options
  • Fixed interest rates

Here's How:

Step 1.

Share Your Funding Requirements:

Begin by informing us about your financial needs. Specify the amount you intend to borrow, the purpose behind the funding, and provide basic details about your business.

Step 2.

Explore Personalised Finance Options:

After sharing your business details and funding needs, our expert partners assess your profile using a broad network of over 150 lenders. This process results in a bespoke range of finance options, tailored specifically for your business.

Step 3.

Simple Application, Quick Funding:

Proceed by applying for your selected finance option. Our streamlined process ensures easy application and fast approval. Typically, you'll receive your funding swiftly, facilitating a smooth and efficient financing experience.

Who We Help

Funding Expert caters to a broad spectrum of UK businesses:


Providing the initial push to get your business off the ground.


Supporting small businesses in their growth and expansion.


Assisting larger companies with complex financing requirements.

Get a quick decision

Speedy approvals, effortless financing.

Flexible funding options

Short & long term funding solutions.

Fixed interest rates

Predictable payments, stable growth.

UK-based support

Funding experts, always at your side.

Business Finance by Type

Working with our trusted partners, Funding Expert can arrange various business finance products - from common types to more specialised funding options. We've grouped our finance products under three categories: Business Loans, Working Capital & Cash Flow Solutions, and Asset-Based Financing.
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